Personal Stories from Libyan Students Reveal Dreams for Space Education

Twenty-three Libyan women and girls with head coverings and a Libyan man in a suit pose for a photo. Behind them is a backdrop with a nebula and galaxies.

Roaya Astronomical Clubs in Libyan Schools is a project that brings STEM education to children in five Libyan cities in Africa – Tripoli, Sabha, Sirt, Benghazi, and Derna – through astronomy workshops and meetings with astronauts and scientists.

Astronomy Club Activities

This project provides hope and inspiration for children, allowing them to see a future for themselves and their country. The project is a model for other schools and cities, helping the country recover in youth education, and bringing hope to survivors of war.

About fifty female students in Libya sit in a small auditorium as they watch a presentation about astronomy. The girls are dressed in matching clothes and head coverings.
Women and girls learn astronomy in Libya

Lat month, NASA astronaut Nicole Stott met with Roaya students to encourage them to keep looking to the stars and to pursue careers in STEM. The students were overjoyed to meet Nicole – a real astronaut – and they showed their gratitude with hundreds of comments on Roaya’s social media.

Astronomy for Equity. Former NASA Astronaut Nicole Stott is smiling and wearing a blue jumpsuit that has many patches on it including the American flag and NASA patches. She is standing in front of a blue-green background.
NASA Astronaut Nicole Stott met with Roaya students in August, 2022. She encouraged the students to follow their astronomy and STEM dreams.

“It was a remarkable experience for me to be able to meet an astronaut for the first time, even if it was a Zoom meeting, but it felt like one of my dreams had come true.”

“She shared her experience with the students, who were filled with curiosity. It was fantastic for me. Good job, Roaya team. I hope the future is more favorable in terms of space science.”

— Libyan Student

Roaya CEO and cofounder, astrophysicist and community manager Atiyah Alhasadi shared his enthusiasm and gratitude for a recent crowdfunding campaign by Astronomy for Equity to bring telescopes to the students in the Roaya clubs.

A headshot of Atiyah Alhasadi in a light blue dress shirt with a blue and grey necktie. Atiyah has light skin, dark eyes, dark hair, and dark facial hair.
Astrophysicist and Community Manager Atiyah Alhasadi cofounded and leads Roaya to bring hope to students in Libya

How You Can Help

Roaya Astronomical Clubs in Libyan Schools is a project of Roaya for Astronomy and Space Applications, a Libyan NGO, and has support from the Libyan Ministry of Education. But they are unable to obtain one critical tool– telescopes.

Astronomy for Equity is raising money to help with this. These telescopes will inspire STEM in thousands of Libyan students. Viewing the Universe for the first time can lead a student to a lifetime of inspiration. 

Be a part of it – Please Donate Today

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