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Marginalized communities need programs customized for them. Programs must allow anyone interested in STEM to thrive regardless of their circumstances. Astronomy is accessible to all, in every culture, fascinating to everyone, and touches on almost every STEM field. Astronomy is a universal gateway to STEM.

Current Programs

Highlighting the heroes of astronomy around the world having an outsized impact on the lives and communities where they live through astronomy.

Launching with the first IAU General Assembly ever held in Africa, Africa Look Up will boost STEM education across the continent through astronomy.

Sharing resources and expertise for including blind and low vision people with astronomy with outreach groups worldwide.

Past Programs

Telescopes to Ukraine

In this war-torn country, astronomy students saw the stars when their cities power was out so they requested telescopes. A4E delivered.

Telescopes To Libya

With civil war, ISIS, and continuing political unrest, school astronomy clubs provide a respite and hope for the future for these young people.

Mount Meru Astronomical Observatory

This educational observatory in norther Tanzania serves the region as a center for students and teachers to learn STEM under the stars.

Program Categories

Astronomy for Equity helps local and regional programs increase support, expand their reach, and share their solutions with others. Sustainability is a constant struggle and potential remains largely untapped. The worldwide astronomy community supports programs in need, and Astronomy for Equity is the hub that brings them together. An international NGO can also bestow credibility on local efforts, increase awareness through media, and lead to government and commercial support.

Resources are often plentiful but poorly distributed, not reaching those most in need across academic, geographic, disciplinary, and other boundaries. Astronomy for Equity is the hub where collaboration between disciplines and organizations can create sustainable and scalable programs without the limitations of boundaries. Experts serve as mentors online for passionate outreach volunteers, resources are adapted and distributed, and support is provided. These programs empower activists who provide local educational opportunities with support from the global community. This leverages the greatest resources of all – the passion and drive of local activists – by expediting and empowering them. Local, grassroots action through coordinated global community.

Support begins with understanding that we are all fellow travelers on a planet traveling through space, what Buckminster Fuller called Spaceship Earth. When we meet others, we see the commonality of our goals, needs, and struggles. Astronauts see Earth as a planet among the stars, returning to Earth with a new perspective that Frank White has called The Overview Effect. Few of us will have that opportunity but other experiences can provide a global perspective. Astronomy for Equity conducts programs across boundaries that foster that perspective, creating connection, understanding, and sympathy. The need to support others and eliminate inequity follows naturally.

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