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Astronomy for Equity uses the proven ability of astronomy to promote, support, and create STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education programs. Programs are designed to assist and encourage people in marginalized, isolated, and underserved communities who lack representation and opportunities in STEM fields. Students in these communities are often discouraged by the lack of opportunities and role models in science. A self-perpetuating cycle results – the lack of opportunity in these fields results in less STEM in marginalized communities, and less opportunity for STEM careers over the years.

But astronomy programs touch on all STEM fields and can be created in all communities. Unfortunately, many programs are ad hoc and temporary, fail to reach a large audience, and lack follow-up to build on initial investments. Astronomy for Equity supports the sustainability and expansion of existing programs and we create new programs from existing resources. Then we distribute these resources (including volunteer expertise) to the robust worldwide astronomy community.

Our Vision

Because marginalization resulting from poverty, social biases, disabilities, and other factors impede progress in education and community growth, marginalized groups need programs designed for them to ensure equal opportunities for success. Programs must be accessible, sustainable, and scalable to attract students, qualified STEM teachers, and community support. We work to erase self-fulfilling prophetic bias in communities where educators, counselors, and family members steer students into traditional non-STEM fields of study and away from fields where they are underrepresented (such as STEM).

At Astronomy for Equity, we work to break this self-perpetuating negative feedback cycle. We promote programs that expose students, teachers, and the public to new STEM fields, presenting the fields in a positive light, and demonstrating the practicability of seeking STEM careers.

Our Team

Mike Simmons

Inara Tabir

Jeff Bennett

Nicole Stott

Ron Rosano

Frank White

Nancy Atkinson

Sina Bahram

William Bloomfield

David Levy

Susan Murabana

Daniel “Chu” Owen

Scott Roberts

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