Ron Rosano

Astronomy Educator

Ron Rosano flew into space on a suborbital flight with Virgin Galactic on October 6, 2023, and has pursued a passion of space travel and astronomy outreach with schools in with the public since 1995.

In awe of the starry sky since he was a child and inspired by the Apollo Moon landings, Ron has closely followed NASA and other space missions for as long as he can remember. He has parlayed this passion into extensive astronomy education outreach as an informal educator for more than 25 years, meeting with more than 220 schools in 15 countries. Ron is the creator and editor of the Suborbital Flight Journal, a complete record of all human suborbital flights. 

Since 2008, Ron has conducted more than 70 events as a NASA Solar System Ambassador, giving presentations on Mars rovers, the James Webb Space Telescope, the Apollo Moon landings, and more. Ron serves on the advisory council of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, the board of advisors of the Human Space Program and the Board of Directors of the Nepal Youth Foundation.  He works for a property management company and pursues interests in photography and jazz drumming.