Susan Murabana


Traveling Telescope

Susan Murabana is the CEO of the company, she is also the President of the newly formed African Planetarium Society and serves on the board of the International Planetarium Society. She is the 2020/2021 United Nations Space for Women mentor and on the board of the Kenyan Optical Telescope Initiative. She has a degree in social sciences Economics and Sociology and an online master’s program in Astronomy. Susan has worked across Africa promoting science and education first through Cosmos Education in the early 2000s then through Global Hands-on Universe. She is the national coordinator of Astronomers without Borders and Universe Awareness. Her experience with Education and Public Outreach accorded the company partnership with Airbus Foundation and The Little Engineers. Although during the pandemic the team has not been able to visit schools and lodges, she has worked with her team to create remote public engagement through The Cosmic Quiz Live and The Telescope Live events.