Inara Tabir


The Multiplanetary Society

Inara Tabir is a visionary leader, renowned for her impactful work in
various roles, including as the President of the Multiplanetary Society
and the Chief Diversity Officer of I24. Passionate about advancing
humanity’s presence beyond Earth, she dedicates her expertise to promote
multiplanetary endeavors and space exploration on a global scale.

As an influential figure within the space community, Inara serves on
various boards of prominent Space Organizations, diligently working
towards her mission of making humanity a truly Multiplanetary and
Space-Faring civilization. With her strategic insights and unwavering
commitment, she continually strives to broaden horizons and extend the
boundaries of human exploration.

Beyond her remarkable achievements in the space domain, Inara is also a
prominent advocate for Trans rights. As a Trans woman herself, she
fearlessly champions the cause, fostering understanding, inclusion, and
equality for the LGBTQIA+ community. Her efforts go beyond the
boundaries of our planet, as she firmly believes that the principles of
equity and justice should extend to the cosmos as well.

Inara is widely recognized as a compelling and sought-after speaker,
sharing her profound knowledge and experiences on diverse topics. Her
engaging talks on equity in Space, LGBTQIA+ rights, and foster care
reform captivate audiences worldwide, inspiring individuals from all
walks of life to embrace positive change.

Throughout her career, Inara has graced esteemed stages across the
globe, including iconic venues like Space X, Blue Origin, San Diego
Comic-Con, and the prestigious Space Cowboy Ball, among many others. Her
captivating presence and articulate communication make her an
unforgettable speaker, leaving a lasting impact on all who hear her

As a former foster child, Inara’s personal journey drives her dedication
to ensure that space remains an inclusive and welcoming realm for
everyone. She firmly believes that the wonders of the cosmos should be
accessible to all, and she endeavors to dismantle barriers, creating
opportunities for underrepresented communities to thrive in the space

Inara Tabir’s remarkable accomplishments, unwavering advocacy, and
inspirational speaking prowess make her a prominent figure in the fields
of space exploration and diversity advancement. As she continues to
shape the future of humanity’s journey beyond Earth, her influence as a
speaker promises to leave an enduring legacy, sparking positive change
and driving us closer to a more inclusive and multiplanetary society.