Daniel “Chu” Owen

Technical Director

Traveling Telescope

Daniel Chu Owen is the Chief Technical Director of the Traveling Telescope, bringing experience in telescope operations and astrophotography. He started sharing his passion for astronomy through public events in the early 2000s in the United Kingdom, where he is originally from. He studied film and video production at the University of Surrey near London. He is also a music producer and performer and a talented photographer and artist. Art plays a huge role in communicating science to the public and therefore the addition of the “A” in “STEAM” is a great way to engage people in astronomy. Daniel contributes to the development of creative content for the company. Through his leadership, the Traveling Telescope has produced film content, music content, and plenty of photographs that showcase the beautiful unpolluted equatorial Kenya skies. He is also creating online content that can be easily consumed by school kids and other interested parties during the pandemic time.