Astronomy Gives Students Hope

A female student in Libya smiles while raising her hand in a classroom of Libyan girls studying astronomy.

“Looking at these stars suddenly dwarfed my own troubles and all the gravities of terrestrial life.” – H.G. Wells

In times of conflict and confusion, many people feel lost – especially children. They lose sight of what they are working towards and instead focus on fear and uncertainty. Having something to dream about can bring comfort and joy to suffering humans. Especially if that thing is astronomy.

At Astronomy for Equity, we enable organizations to share awe of the universe. Looking through a telescope can shock observers into the beauty of life, and the enormity of it. Suddenly, their troubles shrink as they become taken by the study of stars, planets, and nebulae.

In Libya (Africa), the 2011 revolution, part of the Arab Spring, led to a fractured government and civil wars, leaving casualties and displaced families in its wake. A six-year war against ISIS left the infrastructure shattered, along with an economic crisis and reduced health services. But the biggest casualty was education.

A young woman in Libya stands in an empty classroom that was devastated by civil warfare. There is much rubble in the room. She looks sad.
A Libyan girl stands in her classroom that was destroyed by war.

As a nonprofit based in America, we support marginalized communities around the world, and we are helping students in Libya (Africa) who are growing up in the aftermath of war and political unrest.

We aim to bring telescopes to astronomy clubs in five Libyan cities through a partnership with Roaya for Astronomy and Space Applications, a Libyan organization (NGO) that has the support of the Libyan Ministry of Education. This project will help thousands of students look to the stars. It will also be a model for future projects in other regions – renewed hope for a future of looking up.

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