Stargazing for Healing

A collage of two pictures next to each other. On the left is a young girl in her hijab carrying a bag. On the right are two young girls surrounded by two telescopes.

Astronomical Clubs in Tripoli and Benghazi, Libya Support Children’s Mental Well-being.
The incredible work being done by Roaya for Astronomy and Space Applications Foundation project where astronomical Clubs in Tripoli and Benghazi, Libya helped reduce mental disorders in children caused by war and displacement by using the telescopes donated by Astronomy for Equity!

The benefits of these astronomical pursuits extend far beyond scientific understanding. They play a pivotal role in reducing anxiety, improving concentration, and providing an outlet for self-expression. Moreover, these activities promote social connections, allowing children to form bonds and share their experiences in a safe and supportive environment.

By combining scientific knowledge with therapeutic practices, astronomical clubs in Tripoli and Benghazi are making a remarkable impact on the lives of these resilient young souls. They are empowering them to transcend their circumstances, find solace in the beauty of the cosmos, and navigate their path towards healing and recovery.

I applaud the dedication and commitment of these astronomical clubs, their mentors, and the young participants who are embracing the wonders of the universe as a catalyst for change.

Together, we can continue to support initiatives that provide hope, inspiration, and a brighter future for all children affected by war and displacement.

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