Crowdfunding Telescopes for schools in Ukraine!

A telescope in a field at night with the text 'Send telescopes to Ukraine' on top

As students in Ukraine continue to look at the stars for inspiration amidst the disruptions brought by war, astronomy clubs in three schools requested telescopes which would be used during the frequent power outages. This would be when their cities go dark and the stars shine brightest.

Astronomy for Equity is responding to this request from three schools in Ukraine  by crowdfunding. Along with augmenting their science studies, the opportunity to explore the Universe provides welcome respite from the war, and a sense of being part of something greater. Knowing the telescopes have been gifted to them by other caring people around the world will help relieve the isolation they feel. They’ll know each time they view the stars we all see that they are not alone. 

You can help make a change too, learn more about these students and what these telescopes would mean to them in their own words at the campaign page below. And please donate any amount to show these students they are not forgotten.

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