The Astronomy for Equity Mission

Why Astronomy?

Astronomy has been called the first science. It is also the most accessible science, with the natural laboratory above everyone, and it has been a part of every culture throughout history. Astronomy is a gateway science, exposing students to all STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). In marginalized and isolated communities, it can be the first step on a journey of exploration. First experiences that can change the directions of young lives.

Marginalized Communities

Young people need hope, opportunity, and inspiration to see a path to realizing their goals. Without those opportunities, marginalized communities recede further into isolation in an endless cycle of hopelessness. Astronomy for Equity supports STEM education where opportunities, role models, and inspiration are lacking.

We facilitate the efforts of teachers, amateur astronomers, and others working to improve their communities through education. Simple resources, guidance, and encouragement can kindle their passion, inspire new programs, and support expansion of existing programs.

Astronomy for Equity. Two smiling children who have blindness learn astronomy by feeling dots and texture on globes the size of a basketball.
Tactile Moon globes help students who are blind and visually-impaired learn science.

The Astronomy for Equity Mission

Astronomy for Equity brings together existing resources, networks, communities, and expertise to create new opportunities for individual and community growth in marginalized and isolated communities, empowering local leaders and stakeholders, adapting programs to local circumstances, and providing a respected international brand for support.

Existing Programs: Enhancing Support and Scalability

Astronomy for Equity collaborates with established programs in marginalized communities to expand their reach, increase their diversity, and adapt their solutions to new situations and circumstances.

Astronomy gives hope and inspiration to internally displaced children in Africa.

New Programs: Creating Global Programs from Existing Resources

Astronomy for Equity combines existing resources in new ways, creating new programs that serve marginalized communities. Resources are abundant. Lack of distribution and expertise in implementation is the problem. 

Program Support through Community

The worldwide community of astronomy enthusiasts is the core resource. Those enthusiasts come from every walk of life, and their passion to share and support others in the community is what turns programs into a movement.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” — Nelson Mandela

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