Telescopes on the Way to Libyan Astronomy Students

Eleven female and three male members of the Astronomical Clubs in Libya pose for a picture outdoors by trees and plants. The females are wearing head coverings.

We’ve been quiet lately but there’s a lot of activity behind the scenes, with a lot to come soon. In the meantime, here’s an update on a successful crowdfunding campaign from late 2022.

Thanks to our generous donors, the five telescopes we were able to purchase are on their way to Libya! They’re making the trip by sea from the US and will arrive soon.

Atiyah Alhasadi of the Roaya for Astronomy and Space Applications Foundation that created the school astronomy clubs and is providing support shared the plans for the program once the telescopes arrive.

The first priority is to train the teachers and supervisors to operate the telescopes. Next up will be workshops for the students to learn about the telescopes and observing the sky. Observing activities will follow as each school is ready.

This training from experience astronomers is essential, and is a reason Astronomy for Equity chose to support this program. It has all the makings of a successful and sustainable program. We’ve seen how programs can fail without this.

March and April bring exams and holidays during the month of Ramadan (March 22 to April 21). Activities will resume in May, with a lot of fun summer activities planned for the students and their families.

We’ll share photos once we have them. And stay tuned for another great cause with telescopes going to schools in Ukraine that have requested them.

Thank  you all once again for helping make these students dreams come true.

The stars are for everyone!

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