"The Universe contains treasures and wonders that fill our eyes and stimulate our brains and inspire our souls. The heavens belong to no one person yet belong to all of us together, Astronomy for Equity will bring that sky to those of us who need it most."
"Astronomy is about the place of humanity in the universe, which means it must belong to everyone. Astronomy for Equity will help ensure that everyone has the opportunity to develop a “cosmic perspective,” meaning an understanding of the universe that will help all of us better appreciate the critical importance of treating each other — and our planet — with kindness and respect." .
jeff Bennett is smiing in this headshot. He is wearing a grey collar shirt and standing in front of a front door.
Jeff Bennett
Space Author
"Space exploration should be for everyone, and astronomy is an important kind of space exploration. It reminds us that we are on a spaceship Earth, and the sky is our window to the universe. If space exploration is for everyone, then astronomy should be for everyone, and that's why we should support Astronomy for Equity."
"When you build STEM in a community, that community will grow in economic and social infrastructure. Astronomy for Equity is a valuable and purposeful mission."