Astronomy This Giving Season

Seventeen dark-skinned adults smile for a photo at a dirt camp with tents, signs, and some grass. There are three telescopes.

Featured image: STEM education for IDP (refugee) camps in Nigeria, Africa.

This giving season we are preparing to launch new projects to bring science to underserved communities through astronomy.

One of our campaigns will be for volunteers in Nigeria, where we will support those helping children and adults who are displaced by political persecution and now living in camps for “internally displaced persons,” or IDPs. These safe areas provide a resting place until residents find permanent living arrangements or it is safe to return home. 

Children learn astronomy in camps for internally displaced persons (refugees)

During their difficult time, we support those who provide STEM outreach by giving children and adults something to dream about. We show them the stars. This encourages students to train in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, giving them a chance for future economic independence. 

We also support camp volunteers with encouragement and with one-time expenses such as transportation for carrying equipment and personnel (currently provided by the volunteers themselves). We offer support with a revenue stream required for long-term sustainability of their services. 

The program we are supporting is a model for others in the developing world.

Children look to the sky while living in safe areas for internally displaced persons (refugees)

We have big plans to help those who are suffering and underserved as we help those who help communities look up in hope and education. 

Please remember us this giving season. We depend on your generous donations and your support in sharing this mission.

Happy giving!

The Astronomy for Equity Team

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