William Bloomfield has been a social-policy entrepreneur for his entire public-private sector career. He founded and led five public/private applied research and consulting organizations, as well as holding senior research and management positions at Brandeis University’s Heller Graduate School, National Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation in Washington, and New England Medical Center’s Health Policy Institute.

For over 40 years, Bill has worked with top decision-makers and executive-level leaders in K-12/higher education, corporations, CBOs/NGOs, government, and philanthropic organizations as strategic advisor, facilitator, consultant, and coach. He has led public-private partnerships and advised hundreds of key community stakeholders to identify and create public/ private sector strategies to resolve long-standing education, youth, community and workforce development problems in economically depressed communities around the globe.

Bill holds a Ph.D. in social policy from Brandeis University’s Heller School for Social Policy and Management, and a B.A. in Education from the University of Akron. As part of his graduate work in Cross-Cultural /International Development at Lesley University, he was invited to conduct a youth-workforce feasibility study in Puna, India. Bill received a research fellowship grant to study philanthropic practices at the Rockefeller Archive Center.

After a series of leadership positions in the arts, neighborhood/community development, and academia, Bill began a private education and organizational development consulting practice that morphed into a series of opportunities to create, lead, and evaluate dozens of school, college, and community initiatives in urban areas, small cities, and rural communities throughout the US and in Africa, Asia, Central Asia, Europe, Mexico, and the Middle East. He’s currently working on a unique STEAM-focused training and workforce development project in Rural Kenya for out-of-work, non-educated young people.

Bill is the author and principal investigator/senior staff for dozens of applied research, evaluation, and program grants. His publications include papers, articles, monographs, and essays on social policy, school improvement, program/project management and implementation, economic development, intermediary organizations, youth mentoring, school-to-work, and business involvement in community programs.

Bill has served on numerous policy boards and advisory committees, including: Massachusetts School Leadership Project, Community Schools for Career Success, National Mentoring Working Group, Collective Impact Alliance, and Clean Airport Partnership. He is listed in several biographical reference publications, including Who’s Who in: the World; America; the East; Emerging Leaders in America; American Education; and Business.

On the creative side, Bill is a film/tv actor and producer, an internationally recognized sculptor, and a private/corporate art consultant. He was president of the New England Sculpture Association for 5 years and served on the board for several years. More recently, he produced the Overview Effect Film Festival in 2021 and is the U.S. producer for a new one-woman show. Bill was a volunteer Foster Care Case Reviewer for the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. He also continues to coach teens and young adults to help them navigate their career-life decisions.