A4E Communications Director

Rebecca Schembri

In this top half portrait, Rebecca Schembri is wearing a black suit and a soft smile with her hands on her hips to make a power pose. She looks strong and professional.
Social Scientist and Space Diplomat, Rebecca Schembri

As Astronomy for Equity’s Communications Director, Rebecca works to build positive relationships with the public. She advocates for STEM equity worldwide through content writing, copywriting, presentations, marketing, and fundraising.

Previously Rebecca managed communications for B612 Foundation, an organization that works to detect potentially hazardous asteroids and comets. B612’s Asteroid Institute is creating the first ever open source 4-D map of moving comets and asteroids in the inner solar system. The institute also founded Asteroid Day, a United Nations day of education that promotes asteroid detection awareness. 

Rebecca graduated from Harvard University Extension School with a bachelor of liberal arts in international relations with minors in legal studies and astronomy and a concentration in space law and policy. She is Harvard-certified in professional communication and social justice. 

Rebecca is a science communicator who believes in space advocacy. She writes weekly for Astronomy for Equity’s blog, covering subjects related to space law, space diplomacy, and space equity. In her free time she loves riding her bike, visiting family, and watching sci-fi.